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Unveiling a one-to-one relationship of TCR-dependent T cell function and cellular avidity at single-cell level using acoustic force
Due to intensive elimination of high affinity self/tumor-antigen specific T cells by tolerance mechanisms, anti-cancer immunity often depends on T cell receptors (TCRs) with limited reactivity towards cancer cells as a result of lower affinity. Yet, redirecting T cell immunity with affinity-matured TCRs recognizing self/tumor-antigens has been a promising approach for improving clinical adoptive T cell therapy. While affinity, as measured by SPR, will ensure accurate ranking of affinity-matured TCRs, it has become clear that affinity between TCRs and peptide-MHC complexes are poor predictors of T cell functionality.

Interestingly, using a well-characterized set of affinity-matured TCRs, researchers at Lausanne University have reported a bell-shape relationship between TCR affinity and T cell functionality. Compared to ranking by affinity, avidity provides a more complete and physiologically relevant picture that reflects the total bona fide interaction between T cells and tumor cells. Therefore, cell avidity could be a key parameter for better predicting responses in vitro and potentially improve clinical therapy development.

However, a main obstacle of measuring cell avidity is the lack of fast and accurate technologies for its assessment. The z-Movi® Cell Avidity Analyzer is a unique instrument that uses soundwaves to enable direct measurement of the interaction strength of hundreds of single cell pairs simultaneously using acoustic forces. This new technology provides predictive, reproducible, and fast results at a single-cell level.

In this webinar we present novel avidity data obtained by the Lausanne research team with the z-Movi® showing a one-to-one relationship of T cell function and cell avidity. In addition, we will deep-dive into the principle of the z-Movi technology, and the workflow to set up a full experiment. Finally, we will showcase the great potential of the z-Movi for accelerating immune therapy against cancer beyond TCR-based approaches.
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