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How tech has paved the way for SMEs - Does being an early adopter or an innovator give you an advantage against those otherwise?
Technology has been victim to a number of advancements over the last decade, and many businesses are trying to keep up with the changes whereas others are happy to stick to what they know.

SMEs are known to be innovators or early adaptors when it comes to technology, whilst others are laggards - waiting as long as they can to make changes.

So, which is better for your businesses? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an early adaptor or a laggard?

This session conducted by Disruptive Minds taskforce by Vodafone and GBEA will look into both sides of the story and open up conversation around technology in SMEs.

Sep 22, 2022 11:00 AM in London

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Jo Dalton
Founder @JD&Co
A shining example of a talented entrepreneur, Jo Dalton is an inspirational female founder that advises some of the biggest names in a variety of tech-fuelled scale-ups. The founder of JD&Co understands the struggles of a female founder and is a prominent angel investor in female led businesses.
Sheryl Miller
Entrepreneur and Business coach
Sheryl Miller is an award winning entrepreneur and business coach who has mentored a variety of founders and entrepreneurs. Author of the new business and personal development book: “Smashing Stereotypes – How To Get Ahead When You’re The Only _____ In The Room”, Sheryl has given her insight on a variety of other platforms too, including her own podcasts and YouTube channels.
Sanjay Lobo
Founder @Uber for volunteers
Sanjay Lobo, founder of the “Uber for volunteers” app, onHand has been noted for his mental health conscious campaign against loneliness, using his app to provide businesses with the means and resources to spot loneliness amongst its employees.
Josh Wintersgill
Founder @easyTravelseat
Josh Wintersgill is the innovative entrepreneur behind easyTravelseat, a product providing wheelchair users with further safety, comfort and dignity when being transferred from their chairs. In his spare time, Josh is looking to add to his already multiple awards by training to compete for Great Britain in air rifle at the 2024 Paralympic Games.
Jo-Anne Chidley
Founder @Beauty Kitchen
Jo-Anne Chidley is the multi-talented leader of beauty brand, Beauty Kitchen. An expert on sustainability, botany and chemistry, Jo-Ann utilises her talents to come up with sustainable solutions for beauty and business, winning multiple awards for her noble efforts.