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EN Compass Webinar: Google Discover & EAT
How to Use Marfeel to Build a Winning Editorial Strategy for Google Discover

Are you familiar with Google Discover but still not sure how to action the data you see?
Do you think there's more you could do to improve acquisition using this platform?
If you think that E-A-T is what you do at a barbecue and that Google Discover is a black box that will never tell you anything, then be sure you come to our next webinar!

Who will find it useful?
Writers, data analysts, audience development departments, SEO, and anyone else who is curious about Google Discover.

What will we talk about?
- We'll explain how to exploit journalists' author authority to get better results.
- We'll do a real use case where we will build a content strategy for a writer.
- We'll discuss E-A-T is and how Marfeel can measure its impact on our content.


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