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Security in High Risk Environments: What Are the Challenges and Opportunities of Operating Responsibly?
Security is a double-edged sword; when done well it is a force for good, when done badly it can undermine freedoms the rules of a good society. The key question then is: how can responsible security that respects international human rights be assured in countries and contexts where the rule of law may be weak and where international standards are not the norm? This becomes especially important when there is a concern about social upheaval as is evidenced in different parts of the world as the realities of dealing with Covid-19 take hold. This webinar considers what innovative approaches to promoting responsible security around the world might look like. We will explore what examples of good practice look like and assess how to influence countries and contexts that present security challenges. This webinar will explore:

To what extent is Covid-19 leading to an undermining of social cohesion and how?
Where are their examples of good practice and what makes these distinct?
How can good practices be converted into an opportunity to raise standards and ensure outstanding security?

Jun 4, 2020 03:30 PM in London

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