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Opening Soon Inc. Problem Resolution Webinar (2 Parts)
We all face issues and problems at work and at home. What happens when you are faced with a show-stopping problem that grinds everything to a halt, a recurring problem that comes and goes, that you want to get to the bottom of, a customer or user problem, such as a pain point when using a service or product or even a high-level business problem, for example "too many customer complaints", "conversion rate is too low", or "operating costs are too high? Most people are outstanding at letting everyone around them know there is a problem, but do not have the skills to professionally and efficiently solve it. This workshop will help you become the "tip of the arrow."

Those who are prepared and skilled at solving problems can minimize the negative impacts before a molehill becomes a mountain and keep your company moving forward to achieve its key goals and objectives. This two day workshop, over two weeks, will give you the basic tools needed to understand the root cause of a problem, generate ideas to solve it and finally evaluate, prioritize, test and implement solutions. This workshop critically assesses what’s going wrong and helps you find out what your options are to solve it, before you decide on a viable solution.

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Funding provided by the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

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