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We launched our unique G1 next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) platform last year with big claims about changing the broadband landscape. Since then, demand for G1 and the pace of its deployment have been remarkable, and as a result we now have a number of great stories that prove our claims!

G1 ngFWA Making a Real Difference: Join us to hear how several Tarana-powered service providers are closing the digital divide and introducing healthy competition in their markets. We will feature both divide and overbuild scenarios that illustrate the material impact ngFWA is having in the marketplace for ever-more-essential broadband.

Gigabit and Beyond: The 180+ ISPs who have embraced our G1 platform in the past 12 months have confirmed that it was a great start — but we’re certainly not stopping there. We will also announce and demo a game-changing addition to our G1 platform that will underscore how ngFWA wireless is a long-term and essential companion to fiber when building reliable broadband.

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