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Activity Based Costing in the field - Customer Experience and Possible Applications

Dec 2, 2022 01:00 PM in Universal Time UTC

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Giovanni Barletta
General Manager @Gene.sys
Our mission is to provide the most useful KPIs to manage the organisational processes in healthcare. Real costs, ROI index, Staff productivity are the main indicators to drive efficiency, as benchmarking and scenario analysis are the tools to properly design the future. We base our activities on 3 pillars: Evidence Based Analysis, Process Approach and Activity Based Costing methodology. Across the last fifteen years, Gene.sys has collected a large amount of data about its target market, which is in Diagnostics Services (Laboratory, Imaging, Histopathology, and Genetics). Different set of KPIs are intended for the different Customers/Stakeholders (Managers, Suppliers, CEO/CFO, Associations).
Menno Schagen
Laboratory Design, Optimisation and Innovation @LTS Health
Menno is a professional industrial engineer with 16 years industry experience. Key skills include business processes re-engineering, laboratory performance improvement, facility design and implementation management in the healthcare environment. His current domestic and international projects include the consolidation, design and implementation of pathology and diagnostic services and research laboratories as well as workforce modelling in the laboratory environment. Menno is a member of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), the South African Institute of Industrial Engineers (SAIIE) and the Project Management of South Africa body (PMSA).
Diego Faggian
Biologist @Biochemistry Emergency Clinic
149 scientific articles (of which 109 accessible on the portal Pubmed -(https://www.scopus.com), 52 Abstracts, 55 Published posters in National and International Journals, 8 chapters in scientific books, Attendances in 95 National and International meetings as Relator, Participation to 272 Congresses for Formative Updating. Affiliation to 10 Scientific Societies and member of the group in charge of drawing up the ISS guidelines for determining and evaluating the parameters to be registered on athlete's biological passports. National co-ordinator in the SIBIOC study group for in vitro Allergic Diagnostics. From 1985 to 1995 covered the under contract teaching position for the Formation of Laboratory Technicians. From 2002 to today for the Specialization School in 'Clinical Pathology' And 'Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry' has taught: 'Methods of Immunodiagnostics'.