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Live Webinar P&G Health: Why Guestology matters in retail pharmacy
P&G Health Pharmacist Academy - The Importance of Guestology for Pharmacists

Webinar Title: Why Guestology matters in retail pharmacy
Speaker: Professor Adrian Furnham, UK
Date: 26 November 2022
Time: 13:00 KSA | 14:00 GST (UAE) | 11:00 CET

Guests have more choice as to where, when and why they choose products and suppliers. The Service-Product Chain will be described which explains the importance of excellent guest service delivery in the long-term success of pharmacies. The anatomy of guest types will be also discussed. Various dimensions or features to assess service quality will be outlined to describe what an excellent guest experience looks like such as reliability, empathy and responsiveness responsibility. The in-store experience will be looked in terms of the effect the mood of guests and hence their purchasing behaviour. The profile of good sales staff will be described as well as how to manage and motivate them.

Learning Objectives
Understand the modern Guest psychology and emotional motivators
Know how service quality is assessed and measured
Be able to describe various dimensions of brilliant guest service delivery
Know how the physical environment of pharmacies can impact the mood and decision-making of guests
Understand how to manage staff who interact with guests


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