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Relevant and Valuable: A Modern Approach to Recertification
It takes hard work and expertise to become a certified professional, but once that certification has been earned, how do you ensure it remains relevant and valuable? In this session, Sandy Hogg, our Business Manager, is joined by Ryan Howard, Director of Medical Assessments, and Elizabeth Pitta, Sr. Product Manager, to explore the evolution of certification maintenance and the recent shift away from traditional approaches. Ryan and Elizabeth will showcase how some organizations have successfully reimagined their recertification programs by incorporating longitudinal assessment to make the process more engaging, relevant, valuable, and manageable.


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Ryan Howard
Director of Medical Assessments @ITS
Ryan is the Director of Medical Assessments at ITS and serves as the go-to specialist for the Continuous Learning and Longitudinal Assessment programs. His extensive experience in the industry enables him to understand clients’ needs and communicate their priorities across ITS’s teams so that he can strategically implement, manage, and grow their programs. Outside of ITS, Ryan enjoys completing DIY home projects and going on outdoor adventures with his dog, Payson.
Elizabeth Pitta
Sr. Product Manager @ITS
Elizabeth is an experienced Sr. Product Manager at ITS and has spent the last eight years working on the latest innovations in the assessment industry. Her experience and passion for developing the best possible platform for effective learning has made her an expert in longitudinal assessments and continuous education. Elizabeth is committed to providing candidates with the tools they need to succeed through the creation of an impactful, dynamic, and intuitive candidate experience. Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her dog Mia, renovating her historic Baltimore home, and crafting.