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The Festival of Goodwill Full Moon Meditation June 4, 2020
The Festival of Goodwill at the Gemini Full Moon
There are three major spiritual Festivals which form the high point in the annual cycle. These are the Festival of Easter (at the Aries full moon), the Festival of Wesak (at the Taurus full moon), and the Festival of Goodwill (at the Gemini full moon). Through the steady, persistent meditation work of many individuals and groups in all parts of the world these Festivals are now achieving a subjective anchorage in the consciousness of humanity.

A new world is now being conceived by many – it is being actively looked for, and when the eye of the soul is opened, it will be seen to be more real than the world that is revealed by the five senses. The new light is on its way.

The Webinar will open at 5:45pm PDT, and the Meditation will begin promptly at 6pm.

This event is offered freely with no fee.

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Jun 4, 2020 05:45 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Diana Lang
Meditation Facilitator @Presenter
Michael Lindfield
Board President @Host