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Kosher Foxtrot
Core to the ‘Golden Age of Dance Bands’ in Britain during the last century were the bandleaders.

Many came from the East End of London or North Manchester……and they were Jewish! They were there at the beginning of the Golden Age, and there at its decline. They hobnobbed with royalty, were regulars on the BBC and sold millions of records. They were the popstars of their era.

They played at the finest restaurants and cafes in Britain, or with the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people at dance halls, works canteens, village halls around the land. When it was all over many struggled to come to terms with the changes, but some adapted and one or two became even more famous.
Discover their story, and how, if at all, their Judaism showed in what they did.

Born in the small shtetl of Manchester, Tony Zendle has a background as an educator and communicator, and is a trivia maven collecting the arcane and obscure, especially if Jewish. In recent years he has become aware that a great deal of Jewish History is being forgotten or ignored.

Tony has been working hard to rescue it from oblivion. To this end he has written a number of books, including "Kosher Foxtrot", "Jews and the Sea" and “The Definitive Guide to Jewish Miscellany and Trivia”, and regularly gives talks to large and small groups. He is a member of the Jewish Historical Society of England and was called by the Jewish Chronicle "a mine of information"

Jul 12, 2021 08:00 PM in London

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