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New Trends and Critical Considerations for Control Room Design and Display Solutions

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David Watts
Managing Director @CCD Design & Ergonomics
David will discuss control room design requirements from a holistic approach and then dive into the specifics of ISO 11064 considerations for selecting the right video walls/LED display solution. David will also present a customer case study that will include design drawings, renders, a VR model and photos.
Freddie McBride
Director, Digital Communications Policy and Regulation @EENA 112
Freddie will present an Emergency Response Center use case and discuss its challenges and requirements. He will focus on NG112, an architecture enabling the modernisation of emergency communications. NG112 facilitates the processing of an increasing amount of data so that control room operators can improve decision making, allowing for more effective emergency response.
Kim Rasmussen
Command & Control Business Development Manager, Europe @Samsung
Kim will discuss the advantages that microLED (The Wall) technology brings to revolutionizing control rooms and overcoming the pain points of traditional display technologies such as LCD, rear-projecting cubes and traditional LED.