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Integrative Microbiology for the USMLE (Gastro)
This innovative series of USMLE Step 1 webinars will optimize your knowledge of **microbiological agents** tested on the USMLE/NBME exams.

We will go through Micro in an *organ systems based manner*. We will cover bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology related to each organ system.

❓ Why are the Integrative Microbiology for the USMLE Step 1 webinar series important?

Microbiology covers ~10-15% of the USMLE Step 1 exam. Usually these micro organisms are tested in the context of a clinical disease/organ system integration. This webinar will highlight key pathophysiological characteristics of these organisms, their morphology & lab characteristics, as well as anti-infective pharm integrations.

❓How are these webinars different from Sketchy Micro?

While Sketchy is a great resource to create mnemonic and review content related to microbiology, the delivery/presentation is more linear. My goal is to integrate across organ systems and teach from a USMLE pathophysiology standpoint (with a few mnemonics interspersed) so that you can even integrative immunology and anti-microbial pharmacology.

Check out my First Aid Outline to look at the microbes we will be covering.

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❓Questions? rahul@hyguru.com

Here's a link to my prior webinars: https://bit.ly/3GDuHn1.

Also, if you are interested in preparing with me, please check out my very unique Test Taking Strategies course (comes with a USMLE Study Plan) as well as my USMLE Step 1 Pass Fail course ➡️ https://hyguru.com/resources/

Here are the microbes we will cover:
- [ ] Streptococcus Bovis (page 135)
- [ ] Enterococci (page 135)
- [ ] Bacillus Anthracis (page 135)
- [ ] Cutaneous Anthrax (page 135)
- [ ] Pulmonary Anthrax (page 135)
- [ ] Bacillus Cereus (page 136)
- [ ] Salmonella (page 142)
- [ ] Shigella (page 142)
- [ ] V. cholera (page 144)
- [ ] H. Pylori (page 144)
- [ ] Protozoa-gastrointestinal infections (page 152)
- [ ] Giardia lamblia (page 152)


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Rahul Damania, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Critical Care