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Minimise Disruption, Maximise Performance - The critical importance of Windows updates
We all remember WannaCry and NotPetya as widely publicised cyber attacks that could have been prevented by software updates. Staggeringly statistically 80% of companies who had a data breach or a failed audit could have prevented it by updating their software on time!

The prioritisation and process to roll out new releases can be way down the list of jobs to be done for many organisations- yet we all know the consequences if they are not done.

Join ROQ on 4th November, as we host an expert panel for this informative webinar discussing the challenges of managing Windows 10 updates and critical considerations for preparing to introduce Windows 11.

Areas we will discuss include:

• Why customers need to have a policy for managing Windows 10 updates - to minimise disruption and maximise business performance.
• The challenge of upgrading hundreds, perhaps even thousands of workstations to the latest Windows 10 build (technical and business related)
• Examples of challenges and successes.
• The value of having an automated end user devise approach
• Considerations for adopting Windows 11 (from an end user device perspective)

Nov 4, 2021 11:00 AM in London

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