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Pharmacy Technician Symposium
COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries globally and has put the healthcare system under tremendous strain over the past two years. The entire pharmaceutical workforce has responded and been an integral part of the health care response to meet the publics’ need. While there has been great opportunity for pharmacy to contribute significantly throughout the pandemic, the continued strain has also taken its toll, requiring a continued and united effort of all health professionals, including the pharmacy technician support workforce, to help in recovery of the system.

Since 2012 the FIP Pharmacy Technicians’ Symposium has been hosted to provide an international audience of pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, educators, regulators and administrators to come together and explore current issues and challenges regarding the education, role development and utilization of the pharmacy support workforce within the pharmacy profession and broader healthcare system.

In 2019, the FIP Advisory Committee for the Pharmacy Technician and Support Workforce Strategic Platform was established and took on the responsibility to host future Symposia. Since 2020, the Pharmacy Technicians’ Symposium has been hosted and delivered as a digital event to promote widespread access to this learning forum. The committee is once again pleased to host, on October 18th and 19th,, the 2022 Pharmacy Technicians’ Symposium. This digital event will offer 2 half day sessions showcasing global roles and practice models among the pharmacy technician workforce, built on a theme of resiliency and contribution by working with other members of the pharmaceutical workforce toward recovery of the healthcare system.
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