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5 Pillars of the IEP
Are you ready to empower your child's education? Join us for a free webinar on the 5 pillars of the Individualized Education Program (IEP)! Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Karen Mayer Cunningham, Advocate, and Special Education Boss™ to gain valuable insights into the IEP process. Register now and take the first step towards the main goal, successful student outcomes!


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Karen Mayer Cunningham
Advocate, Special Education Boss™ @Special Education Academy™
Meet Karen Mayer Cunningham, Advocate and Special Education Boss™, world changer, keynote speaker, and trainer. With over 25 years of experience advocating on behalf of children, Karen is passionate about educating and empowering everyone at the 504/IEP table. Her goal is to achieve successful student outcomes for all children by providing families and educators with the tools to navigate IEPs successfully. Karen is relentless in securing the services and resources needed for every child to succeed in the classroom. Her personal journey as an advocate began with her own son's needs, and now she has made it her mission to educate and equip as many parents and educators as possible.