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Corporate Wellness 2.0: Preventive healthcare powered by technology’
With remote working becoming a norm, employees are already feeling the pressure of long working hours from the confines of their respective workspaces. Those concomitant zoom and teams call, and long sitting hours is leaving less space to focus on personal health and if there is one thing which professionals and organisations around the world have recognized is the need for preventive healthcare at workplaces. Rapid digitisation has led to advent of teleconsultation & telemedicine which as per our MoS has the potential to save 5bn$ annually for India while ensuring timely, cost-effective and quick access to consultations. Total Wellbeing is no longer a line item, but a defining policy measure and a clear determinant in shaping Organisations as talent magnets. This has led to a growing realisation and importance of not just offering preventive healthcare measures to employees but also empowering them through tech innovations happening in healthcare.

We welcome you to this interesting panel conversation, where we speak about:

• Employee wellness; top priority in post-Covid world
• Smartphones powering the digital wellness revolution
• From one size fits all to tailor-made wellness solutions
• From OPD care to long term care plans
• Challenges, roadblocks, and the way forward

Feb 2, 2022 03:00 PM in India

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