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Lunch & Learn with Markforged: How 3D Printing Drives Change in the Automotive Industry
Join Markforged and 3DOLOGiE during your lunch hour as we discuss how 3D printing is driving change in the automotive industry. 3D printing in the automotive industry was primarily used by carmakers to create automotive prototypes to check their form and fit. Is it still so today? What are the other applications of the 3D printing technologies that could benefit the industry.

Join us as we discuss how 3D printing can:
● Empower engineers to make products that better meet customer requirements, with more iterations to refine concepts and tooling ahead of production.
● Integrate higher performing, more complex designs that you could not reasonably take before and continually innovate to ensure that you stay ahead of competitors.
● Achieve a new mark for factory uptime and labor/scrap reduction by getting production-critical parts on the line when they are needed.
● Build high performance tooling for lower cost, slashing spend while boosting throughput.
● Eliminate downtime risks and retooling issues by replacing “cardboard engineering” with robust 3D printed parts.

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