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Democratizing Data Consumption with Data Fabric
The trend toward increasingly diverse and distributed data can prevent organizations from realizing the full benefits of data democratization. Data fabric is an architectural approach that seeks to unlock the promise of modern data by providing a unified view regardless of its format or location. It compliments, rather than replaces, established solutions such as data warehouses and data lakes and provides a dynamic data layer that enables a wide range of business-critical use cases.

In this webinar, Jay Piscioneri, Research Analyst at Eckerson Group, and Joe Lichtenberg of InterSystems discuss how data fabric helps organizations manage modern data environments.

You will learn:
• What data fabric is and why it matters
• How automated data management with embedded analytics helps deliver data democratization
• How data warehouses and data lakes fit in a data fabric
• Implementation approaches and examples

Sponsor: InterSystems

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Jay Piscioneri
Research Analyst @Eckerson Group
Jay Piscioneri has over 25 years of experience in data technologies including data warehousing, business intelligence, data quality, and data governance. He's worked with organizations in a wide variety of industries helping them plan and build their next-generation data platforms. As a leader of many initiatives, Jay brings extensive experience in the nuts and bolts of implementing data solutions, as well as the organizational challenges that go with adopting new priorities, processes, and tools.
Joe Lichtenberg
Head of Product and Industry Marketing @InterSystems
Joe Lichtenberg is responsible for product and industry marketing at InterSystems. He has decades of experience working with various data management, integration, analytics, and cloud technology companies. Lichtenberg is passionate about business applications of technology.