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(Interiors) The Future of Interior Projection: Smart Glass
• How to enable consumers to interact with their vehicles, the way they currently interact with their smartphones
Smart glass: SPD (suspended particle device) glass to the likes of Mercedes and McLaren for blacking out sunroofs at the touch of a button
• Further advances both to SPD and its Liquid Crystal active light-control glass. The latter allows messages, or moving images such as ads or films to be projected on to it, and the company also demonstrated a laser patterned version that could instantly return to clear glass.
• Rear passengers could look up and see 3D displays of the route or augmented star maps projected onto the glass roof [see lead image at the top of this feature], bringing the experience of driving to those who otherwise might be lost in their smartphone or gaming device
• How to bringing the complete smartphone experience to automotive interiors to complete the digital lifestyle car-buyers crave, and the heightened experience they need
• Cleaning properties of displays are more crucial than ever, addressing hygiene as a now critical factor
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