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Discovering Monads, Functors, and Applicatives
Discovering Functors, Monads, and Applicatives
Join us for a beginner-level Haskell workshop from Alejandro Serrano.

This workshop takes you on a journey from simple examples (lists, trees, optionals) to the more generic ideas. The goal of this workshop is to develop your intuition about what functors, monads, and applicatives are and the main use cases for each of them.

The workshop provides not only explanations, but also exercises for you to follow along. The rough schedule is as follows:

- Me: From maps to functors
- You: Write Functor instances for trees and functions
- Me: Combinators for the happy path of Maybe
- Me: Simulating stateful computations
- You: Writing some functions using our combinators
- Me: Discovering monads from those examples
- Me: Do notation
- You: Write Functor instances for functions
- You: Write some monadic utilities
- Me: Applicative as generalizing map to n-ary functions
- You: Rewrite your monadic utilities using applicatives

A Q&A session will immediately follow the talk - please add your questions throughout the talk to the Q&A section, not chat.

Jul 30, 2020 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

47 Degrees
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