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The emerging risks of third-party apps on e-commerce websites
Exclusive cybersecurity briefing session for the UK online-shopping sector
September 23, 2020 | 1:30pm UK time

• What are Magecart type attacks and web-skimming?
• The role of third-party apps on e-Commerce websites
• How attackers exploit running third-party apps on websites?
• The security blind-spots that leave you exposed
• Special Q&A session

Free analysis
After the webinar, participants will receive a special token for a free third-party risk website analysis.

If you are an e-commerce cybersecurity professional, you are familiar with terms like Magecart attacks, web-skimming or form-jacking. These, as well as other forms of third-party risks, are affecting millions of online-shoppers and damaging a growing number of e-commerce websites like yours.

Along with increased dependency on the Internet for both customers and business, hackers are also expanding their activities, targeting e-commerce websites like never before.
In most cases, attacks exploit the third-party apps that are running in your website and bypass your current security architecture. Client-side attacks, like web skimming, cause customers’ data theft directly from their browsers, leading to sensitive information and payment data stealing.

This growing phenomenon is growing constantly and during the Covid-19 we’ve seen a 20% increase of attacks in average. Claire’s, Intersport, Páramo and even the famous British-Airways attack, are only few familiar examples of the growing threat we face today.
The exclusive security briefing will provide you know-how essentials about these growing risks and attacks.

Visit our blog - https://www.reflectiz.com/blog to learn more about third-party risks and the latest attacks

Sep 23, 2020 01:30 PM in London

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