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How to develop your organisation’s data skills using the apprenticeship levy
Join us in this webinar, where we’ll be unpacking everything you need to know about data apprenticeships.

We’ll discuss the data skills organisations need to develop to be successful in the digital world, before taking a deeper dive into the level 3 and level 4 apprenticeship programmes - how they differ, who they’re suitable for and the learning outcomes and skills each programme delivers including learner case study examples.

- Why democratise data skills?
- Level 3 or Level 4? Choosing the right apprenticeship programme for your teams
- How to identify your high potential data talent
- What’s involved? A closer look at the commitments required from the learner, line manager, client organisation and training provider to ensure a successful apprenticeship experience for all
- Levy funding - who's eligible?
- Q&A


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David Walker
Learning & Digital Transformation Strategist @Decoded
David has two decades of experience creating technical and talent plans in areas of Emerging Technology & Digital Transformation, spanning from the birth of the web to the dawn of AI. 

He has developed global capability, skills and transformation programmes for organisations such as DWP, NatWest Group, Tesco and Unilever in subjects as diverse as DevOps, Data Science and AI. David is a passionate believer in the power of data and technology to enable organisations and their people to reach their full potential.