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PCAPPA April Lunch & Learn: Digital Campus Infrastructure
Time, staffing, and money are all scarce resources in facilities management. Imagine the impact to all three if you had an intuitive digital solution with all of your infrastructure data available in context from anywhere on any device… and it was available in just a few weeks. Your team and contractors will benefit from having the information right there at their work site and NOT have to go back to the shop or plan room. Imagine if you can visualize your campus infrastructure by the click of a button. This tool will support your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and not only optimize labor time, but also resources and eliminate the frustrations from having to track down information.

Join us on this lunch and learn session to hear about a technology that your team will love, and to hear examples of how institutions are leveraging this tool on their campus.

Learning outcomes:
•Improve your understanding of how this software will help your overall TCO.
•Understanding the value of making your infrastructure data digital.
•How to reduce risk and response time with accessible infrastructure data.
•Learn the key benefits to the institution.


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