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Remaking the Bachelor’s Degree for a New Economy
Surveys show that public confidence in college is sinking and that skepticism is mounting toward the idea that a bachelor’s degree should be the prerequisite for well-paying jobs. In a tight labor market desperate for workers, employers are dropping degree requirements. Colleges can say all they want that the degree is valuable, but with ROI calculators now prevalent, including from the U.S. government, parents and students are saying it isn’t.

As a result, it’s critical that colleges remake the bachelor’s degree into a much more valuable credential for students. This webinar will explore the findings from a new paper on what enables the bachelor's degree to have currency in the job market and strategies from institutions and employers for improving its ROI.

During this webcast, we will examine,

✅What are micro-credentials and how to embed skills-based and industry-based badges in existing bachelor’s degree programs.

✅How employers view the bachelor’s degree and ways to better align the needs of degree outcomes with the needs of the economy.

✅Ways to infuse internships and hands-on learning in the degree and what makes for valuable internships.

-Matt Sigelman, president, Burning Glass Institute
-Lydia Riley, director of academic affairs, University of Texas System
-Matthew T. Hora, co-director, Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions, University of Wisconsin-Madison
-Lydia Logan, vice president, global education and workforce development, corporate social responsibility, IBM

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