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Free CAPP CE Webinar - Ethical Sales & Patient Communication


Sep 16, 2021 07:39 PM

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Ashley Latter (UK)
International Master Trainer (Dental Coaching)
Ashley has now delivered over 33,000 hours of Business Coaching to the Dental Industry all over the world, probably more than any other coach alive. Simply he is the best at getting Dentists/Orthodontists and their teams to communicate with their patients, which results in a world class patient journey, more patients saying YES to treatment plans and increased profits for the Practices. Dentists have travelled from the USA, India and even Australia to attend his courses at his Training centre in Manchester. Ashley has a unique process which includes sharing the proven strategies, coaching his delegates, in a fun and positive way, allowing the delegates to develop new skills, new behaviours, and increased levels of self-confidence, this process allows for improved performance in the Practice and improved results.