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How to Send OT Data to Industrial Clouds from Critical Infrastructure Networks – Safely
Critical industrial infrastructures such as energy, water treatment and transportation are increasingly using industrial cloud services such as those provided by such as Aveva Insight, Amazon AWS and Azure IoT to create digital twins and increase productivity. However, sending data from critical networks out to an industrial cloud is very different from sending data from IT, IoT or other business assets. In many cases the risk to safe and continuous industrial operations outweigh the benefits of the cloud service, and thus trigger objections at all levels. Worse, a cloud based supply chain attack could cripple hundreds of critical infrastructure sites at once.

This webinar explores tools and designs to safely send data into cloud systems from critical infrastructure networks, without risk. These tools are not only powerful, but are simple enough to apply routinely and are in fact used routinely by the most secure industrial sites. We look at the tools and we look at concrete examples for different kinds of clouds.

Sep 6, 2022 04:00 PM in London

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Jesus Molina
Director of Industrial Security @Waterfall Security Solutions
Jesus Molina is Waterfall’s Director of Industrial Security. He is a security expert in both OT and IT security. A former hacker, his research on offensive security in industrial systems has been echoed by many publications and media, including Wired and NPR. Mr. Molina has acted as chair in several security organizations, including the Trusted Computing Group and the IoT Internet Consortium. He is the co-writer of the Industrial Internet Security Framework and the author of several security related patents and academic research papers. Mr. Molina holds a M.S. and a Ph.D from the University of Maryland.