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David Hutniak
CEO @LandlordBC
David Hutniak is CEO of LandlordBC and responsible for the external and internal leadership of the organization. He is recognized for his leadership in the professionalization of the rental housing industry in BC through the introduction of initiatives like the Certified Rental Building™ program and the Landlord Registry™. David is a strong voice for the delivery of safe, secure, sustainable rental housing for British Columbians, and an advocate for a diversity of housing types, across the spectrum of incomes. LandlordBC’s mandate is to support a balanced and healthy rental housing market with an emphasis on private sector solutions.
Hunter Boucher
Director of Operations @LandlordBC
Hunter Boucher is the Director of Operations at LandlordBC with over 12 years of experience working with the rental housing industry, with a background and expertise in legislative issues and industry best practices. Hunter has taken on many roles within LandlordBC, including the development of our robust webinar series, presenting at various workshops across the province, and managing LandlordBC’s legislative helpline.