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Part 2: The Rise of Substandard & Falsified Medical Products during the COVID-19 Pandemic
As the coronavirus pandemic claims hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe, a parallel crisis of substandard and falsified (SF) medical products claiming to prevent, treat, detect and even cure COVID-19 threatens to add to the growing death toll.

Currently, with no safe and effective vaccine available, a vast window of opportunity has opened for criminals to exploit fearful populations by selling fake coronavirus medicines, IVD test kits, disinfectants, masks and other medical products for significant profit. Drug shortages caused by the crisis have created ideal conditions for SF medical products to fill the gap both online and offline.

In our last FIP digital event on this issue on 18 June 2020, we explored the SF issue through five perspectives: (1) illicit sale of medicines online; (2) country experience of frontline pharmacy in Rwanda; (3) role of education, training & advocacy; (4) role of Pharmaceutical Industry and (5) role of youth leadership.

In this follow up “Part 2”, we continue the discussion with our panelists and dedicate this to address the many questions and comments we received from our June 18 participants and attendees. Please join us to continue this very important discussion and explore additional facets to fight this fight together!

To catch up on our first event, please watch it here for free: https://www.fip.org/events?event=469

Lina Bader, Lead for Workforce Transformation and Development, FIP - the Netherlands

1. Oksana Pyzik, Senior Teaching Fellow & Global Engagement Lead, UCL School of Pharmacy - UK
2. Maryam Jetha, UCL Fight The Fakes Student Co-Lead, UCL School of Pharmacy - UK
3. Mike Isles, Executive Director of Alliance of Safe Online Pharmacies - UK
4. Flandrie Habyarimana, Founder & President Rwandan Community Pharmacists Union - Rwanda
5. Stanislas Barro, Global Head of Anti-Counterfeiting Norvatis - Switzerland
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