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Introducing Luminea: Easy, Interactive, Fully Accessible Sensory Tools!
Bridges is thrilled to announce the launch of Luminea interactive sensory tools!

Sensory spaces have undeniably proven to be one of the most effective ways of supporting individuals who struggle with sensory integration, regulation and a variety of physical, mental and cognitive challenges, supporting choice making, sensory stimulation, communication, self-regulation, anxiety control, turn taking and more.

While multisensory experiences can be incredibly helpful for individuals with complex challenges, sensory room equipment is often not accessible.

With Luminea participants are no longer passive end users but can interact, control, even customize sensory environments with switches, eye gaze, virtually any alternative access.

The turnkey, plug-and-play Luminea corners make it easy to create fully accessible sensory environments in minutes.

Join us for an up-close look at all that Luminea has to offer, and how easy it is to add interactive sensory experiences to your space!


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