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Play These Notrump Hands with Me -- Robert Todd
Good declarer play is more than just techniques you learn in a textbook. Come join Robert and see how to play a variety of different Notrump contracts. We will look at the technical and the tactical aspects of declarer play. You will come away from these webinars feeling that Notrump is a lot of fun to declare.

Feb 23 - Play my favorite contract with me! 1NT. In 1NT there is space and time for creativity. We will look at how you play this contract to give you good technical chances of making your contract and more importantly, we will spend time on how you give your opponents chances to help you out.

Mar 2 - Let's look at how to play the worst NT contract - 2NT. When the hand is over we will often wish we were in 1NT or 3NT (depending on how many tricks we take). We look at how to navigate 2NT and examine the kind of decisions you are faced with in this annoying contract.

Mar 9 - Make 3NT? Play for Overtricks? 3NT is a lot of fun! In 3NT you must determine if the hand is a race or a grind. In a race you must go get your tricks ASAP. When it is a grind, you want to give yourself every little extra chance to make the contract -- be careful!

Mar 16 - 6NT - Both Fun and Scary! In a Notrump slam you cannot give up the lead often. Here we look at how we give ourselves as many chances as possible to make 6NT and see how "combining your chances" and "giving the opponent's opportunities to make mistakes" lead to great results.

All webinars are 1hr lecture and 20-30m Q&A
Included in webinar: Professionally produced lecture notes, link to watch recorded webinar as many times as you want (after LIVE presentation).

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