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Financial Equity in Action: Alumni and Students Living the Marquette Mission in Partnership with Eskala


Aug 26, 2021 11:10 AM

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Tim Hanley
Acting Keyes Dean of the College of Business Administration @Marquette University
Tim Hanley, Bus Ad ’78, is the acting Keyes Dean of the College of Business Administration. Hanley received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the College of Business Administration and in that same year began his career at Arthur Andersen, serving as an audit partner for many of the largest manufacturers in Wisconsin. Recently, Hanley retired as a senior partner with Deloitte LLP. Hanley is also an Audit Committee Financial Expert and has significant experience both in the board room and with audit committees. He also has spent significant time over the past decade working overseas and has a strong understanding of markets throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. Hanley has also served at Marquette as a longtime member of the College of Business Administration Dean’s Advisory Council , as a member of the university’s President’s Advisory Council, and on the Campaign Executive Committee.
Heather Kohls
Director of Global Business Learning and Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics @Marquette University
Dr. Heather Kohls is an environmental economist with a focus on public policy efficiency. She received her BS from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and her Master’s in International Business Studies from the University of South Carolina. After several years living abroad, she returned to the U. S. and pursued her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. During that time, she spent eight years working as a financial supervisor in the insurance industry. She is also the faculty director for the Applied Global Business Learning program, sending students to develop communities around the world to work with entrepreneurs to improve their businesses.
Kent Belasco
Director, Commercial Banking Program and Assistant Professor of Practice @Marquette University
Dr. Kent Belasco has 37 years experience in banking and consulting with companies such as Citicorp, Exchange National Bank, Deloitte and Touche, and First Midwest Bank. He has extensive experience in productivity, project and general management, and information systems technology, and is the author of several publications in these areas, including Bank Productivity (1990) and Increasing Profitability and Growth: A blueprint for thriving in the financial crisis (2012). He holds multiple degrees and certifications including a BA from Lake Forest College, an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and a doctorate in business education from Northern Illinois University. He also is a certified public accountant, licensed in Illinois, certified financial planner, and chartered financial consultant. Dr. Belasco is presently the Director of the Banking Program and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance and Banking at Marquette University.
Jim Sartori
Bus Ad '77, Chairman and Owner, Sartori
Jim was just 30 when he took the reins of his family’s Wisconsin-based cheese business in 1986. Sartori Company’s products have become premium international retail brands that regularly win awards. Though he loved making cheese, he always felt more drawn to the business side of the family enterprise. He was delighted to be admitted to Marquette University where he studied marketing at the College of Business Administration. His time at Marquette influenced Jim tremendously. He met Janet Pomatto Sartori, Dent Hy ’77, at freshman orientation on his 18th birthday and they married in 1978. Together, he says, they have rooted their family life in Christian faith, which he says is the foundation of the Marquette mission. These tenets also help guide his approach to business. Jim is also helping Global Brigades and Squads Abroad with an initiative to build the capacity of Central American farmers and support the Sister Maria Rosa Mission in Honduras.
Jim Stollberg
Eng '88, Founder and President, Gemini Global Advisors LLC
Jim spent 30 years in business, holding leadership roles in the supply chain automation and management consulting industries. He began his career in 1988 at Accenture where he led mission critical engagements for his manufacturing and supply chain clients. In 2018, Jim founded Gemini Global Advisors to assist his clients in achieving similar results to what he has delivered throughout his career. His clients include venture capital, private equity and supply chain technology companies. He has served in several board and advisory roles with privately held market leaders. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University and continued his education at INSEAD, where he completed the Global Executive Program. He serves on Marquette’s Supply Chain Advisory Board and volunteers for their Advanced Global Business Leadership program. He is an avid supporter of Global Brigades and is also a lead investor in Eskala, a micro-finance/micro-equity fund.
Dr. Shital (Chauhan) Vora
H Sci '04, PT '06, CEO & Co-Founder of Global Brigades
Dr. Shital Vora is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Brigades. In 2003, while completing her undergraduate degree at Marquette University, Dr. Vora established the first medical brigade club. Global Brigades offers primary health care, clean water sourcing and economic development in rural communities. As CEO, Dr. Vora oversees the nonprofit’s talent programs in addition to administrative policies and university/donor relationships. She has helped raise more than $3 million within the Marquette alumni community. Prior to dedicating full time to Global Brigades, Dr. Vora spent four years working as a Doctor of Physical Therapy focusing on Orthopedics and Sports. Before being named CEO, Dr. Vora served as Global Brigades Head of Health Programs, Chief Program Officer and Chief People Officer. Dr. Vora sits on the Marquette University Health Sciences advisory board.