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Save me a seat - Journey to the Future - February 2022
Dear "Journey to the Future" community

Next year we'll be discussing many more topics of the future. Which ones? We'll announce that soon!

Don't want to miss out? Then register now and save your spot in our upcoming event in February of 2022.

Our Mission:
Our goal is to discuss with thought leaders and decision-makers, creatives, industry leads, and political shapers. Join Pascal Morgan as he taps into the minds of fellow futurists, technologists, researchers, and designers - the core mission of think.speak.transform.

- How do we embrace and foster innovation to solve some of our most pending challenges?
- How do we leverage emerging technologies to build sustainable environments and economies?
- How do we empower our next generations to shape the society they want to live in?
- How do we leverage Europe’s strength in research, technology, societal values - and engage in a global dialog between cultures?

In an increasingly complex world with global challenges from climate change to pandemics, from migration to the rise of new cultures, from demographic and economic upheavals to new innovation hubs across developing countries - it’s all about people. People connecting. Exchanging. Collaborating.

We bring representatives from academia, industry, startups, culture, and policymaking together - to create a new form of debate. A debate that matters. That we can measure. And build upon.

✨Future Life.
✨Future Society.
✨Future Technologies.
✨Future Cultures.
✨Future Generations.

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