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Getting into the field: the do's and don'ts of ABM
For all the marketing people in the crowd, you’re probably familiar with ABM (Account-Based Marketing) strategies, mostly applicable in the B2B market. For those who don’t know, the goal is to focus marketing efforts in growth engines that the company previously defined as strategic, even if they aren’t necessarily more profitable -- and in contrast to marketing strategies that fire on all cylinders (massive billboard campaigns, for example).

The ABM method usually dictates predefined and focused marketing activity for a very limited target audience. In order to produce a successful campaign of this kind, it is necessary to produce personalization at the highest level - and therefore the ROI (return of investment) is very high.

The method has three main strategies:
1. Diverse audience (Industry, Account, Persona)
2. Dedicated customer events (Online, Field Marketing)
3. Focusing on a particular person in a particular organization (Field Marketing)

So, what's the right way to create an ABM campaign, how do you characterize your target audience, and how does this whole thing work?

A new WalkMe webinar will take place on October 27th at 05:30pm in English, and will highlight the marketing space and the world around Account-Based Marketing. The event, “ABM Marketing and Strategy -- Do’s and Don'ts,” is intended for mid-senior marketing personnel and whoever is curious about the subject and wants to get into the industry.

Which tools will you gain? The webinar will detail the proper process of setting up an ABM strategy and touch on the most important issues that need to be understood before diving into work. In the first phase, participants will learn about the main differences between this marketing strategy and others and the key challenges that teams may face during its building.

Nov 3, 2021 05:30 PM in Jerusalem

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