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Sweet treats : emerging parasites of honey bees
A talk by Courtney McInnis, University of Alberta, hosted by the CABK.

May 19, 2021 07:30 PM in London

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Courtney McInnis
PhD candidate @University of Alberta, Canada
Courtney MacInnis is a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta. She completed a MSc in Ecology at Alberta in 2017 under the supervision of Drs. Steve Pernal and Andrew Keddie, where she evaluated the viability and infectivity of Nosema ceranae spores in substrates associated with honey bee colonies. As a PhD student co-supervised by Drs. Steve Pernal and Lien Luong, she is investigating the effects of two emerging parasites, N. ceranae and Lotmaria passim, on honey bee physiology and behaviour. Courtney is excited about all honey bee parasites and pathogens … except for those with eight legs! Summary: honey bee health decline is linked to a number of factors, including the presence of parasites and pathogens. In this presentation, I will provide recently updated information on the basic biology of two digestive tract parasites of adult honey bees: the microsporidian parasite Nosema ceranae, and the recently characterized trypanosomatid Lotmaria passim.