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Understanding the Option Greeks
Join eOption and Investrade for a Free Live Webinar on Thursday, September 29 at 1 pm CST

This webinar will focus on one of the most critical concepts of options, the "Greeks." The Greeks are measures of different option sensitivities to price, time and volatility - important concepts for every investor who wants to trade options to understand.

Join us for a live overview of:
• How the Greeks can affect pricing
• Delta
• Gamma
• Vega
• Theta
• Rho

This webinar will be hosted by an industry expert and educator from the Options Industry Council. In this one-hour webinar, we will explain the impact that the Greeks can have on options pricing and on an investor's options position.

Reserve your spot and register today (it's free and takes less than a minute to sign-up). You'll also have a chance to get all your questions answered by an industry expert and walk away with a better understanding of the important factors that make up and affect the pricing of options.


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Ken Keating
Associate Principal, Investor Education @Associate Principal, Investor Education
Ken began his 25-year trading career at Group One Trading in 1993 on the floor of the PSE (Pacific Coast Stock Exchange) and later transitioned to the floor of the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange). He has held positions as a floor market maker, floor specialist, risk manager, and off floor prop-trader. He later worked for Peak6 Capital Management as an options portfolio manager as well as trading for himself as a self-backed sole proprietor at Sumo Capital. After a successful trading career, Ken transitioned to Oxford Intelligence Partners, analyzing equity and derivative flows for publicly listed companies. Oxford later merged with Q4 Inc, a privately held SAAS company providing data analytics for Investor Relations professionals. Ken holds a BA in Economics from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.
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