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Hosted by: URUS | Gold sponsor: Elanco | In cooperation with: GDP
3rd IFCN Dairy Forum 2022 - The Future of dairy farming in emerging markets
Tuesday, 29th of November 2022, 13:30-15:30 CET

Importance of the emerging dairy markets and challenges in dairy farming
Supply and demand drivers and trends in emerging markets
Dairy farms and farming systems in emerging markets
Farm economics and farming challenges

Future of dairy farming – a perspective from Kevin Muxlov, COO at URUS

Panel discussion: The future of dairy farming in emerging markets
Roles of public and private sector in dairy development
Outcome of the COP27 and “Pathways to dairy net zero” initiative
Solutions for dairy farming issues from Agri BusinessAbout the forum

Building on the Dairy Conference “Next generation farming & farmers”, we would like to open the topic to the public and to extend the discussion: Emerging markets have growing demand for dairy and therefore need to produce more, since many of the exporting countries see stalling production due to environmental pressure and rising costs.

So what will be the future farms in emerging markets that can cover this demand while providing stable livelihoods to the farmers? What kind of skill set do the farmers need to have to improve their efficiencies and which technologies can offset rising costs? How to make the future of dairy farming more sustainable in emerging markets from an economic, social & environmental point of view?

Why is the topic important?
Milk Price & input costs - reaching record levels in 2022
Milk Supply - stalling in developed dairy markets due to climatic conditions and more regulations
Milk demand - Growing especially in emerging markets yet consumers are also more affected by declining purchasing power

Emerging markets will need to expand their production
Who are the next generation farmers in emerging markets?
What kind of skill sets are needed to improve efficiencies in order to overcome rising costs and produce at affordable levels? How to make the future of dairy farming more sustainable in emerging markets?
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Donald Moore
Executive Director @Global Dairy Platform
Alice Diepenbrock
Lead Projects @IFCN
Alice Diepenbrock has extensive experience running global research programmes. In her current role as Lead of Projects at IFCN, she manages various projects with a focus on sustainability in dairy farming, in particular in emerging markets. (She holds an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.)
Kevin Muxlov
Maria Zampaglione
Senior Advisor, Corporate Affairs @Elanco
Ugo Pica-Ciamarra
Livestock Economist – ASL2050 Global Coordinator @FAO
Ugo Pica-Ciamarra is a Livestock Economist in the Animal Production and Health Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). His areas of expertise are livestock statistics; livestock data collection systems; and livestock sector policies and institutions. He is currently the Global Coordinator of the FAO Africa Sustainable Livestock 2050 Initiative, whose goal is to formulates long-term scenarios on the development of the livestock sector in Africa for informed decision-making. He holds a PhD in Development Economics; a MA in in Agricultural Economics; and a MS in Economics and Finance.