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The New Approach to Email Security in 2023
Email is probably the biggest threat vector for your business - neutralize it and minimize risks in email communication with a unique technology that is both reliable and fast.

Enhance native O365 defenses with fast, threat-agnostic protection:

IT Professionals are increasingly dissatisfied with the native defense capabilities of Microsoft 365, as they are slow in detection and unable to prevent more advanced attack techniques. Advanced Email Security from Acronis ensures all email-borne threats are blocked in seconds. It enables you to get a more thorough cyber protection without increasing your management burden.

Improve client security by intercepting modern email-borne attacks before it reaches end-users:

Block email threats — including spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero days before they reach end-users’ Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or any cloud mailboxes or on-premises email servers.

Leverage this next-generation, cloud-based email security solution for holistic protection with the highest detection rates and lowest false positives, combining speed, scale, and agility.
Join our webinar to learn how to improve email security with a fast, reliable, and cloud-based solution.


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