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ATC2021 Innovation Lab : Talent Tech Pitch Off


Jul 21, 2021 09:06 AM

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Paul Martin
Head of Talent Acquisition @RMIT University
Paul (he/him) has global experience developing strategies for some of the world’s largest Talent programs. He is a Talent engagement and mobility leader, passionate about creating memorable experiences, and leveraging technology to hire great people.
Helena Turpin
Co-Founder @Flow of Work Co
“The root cause of employee disengagement is the lack of investment in professional growth and the resulting belief that they are undervalued.” - Flow of Work Co addresses this problem by connecting the recruitment function of a business with the right internal talent, without the need for either party to look externally. Our platform provides a holistic view of what might come next. Find our more: https://www.flowofwork.co/
Lorna Deng & Bedi Othow
“Many organisations want to foster a diverse workforce but struggle to quickly and easily find the right candidates.” - On the other hand, job candidates from BIPOC backgrounds often face complex employment barriers. DivTal is an online platform that connects inclusive employers to BIPOC job candidates. Find out more: https://divtal.com/
Michelle Fotheringham
Founder & CEO @Werkling
“The idea that companies need the same number of people, with the same capability, at the same time, all the time is at conflict with today’s dynamic environment.” - Organisations are moving away from designing static jobs and towards designing the outcome needed, fuelled by nimble resourcing solutions. Werkling helps leaders and talent professionals reach beyond the limitations of their professional network to discover hidden pools of exceptional on-demand talent. Find out more: https://www.werkling.com/
Tom Rielly
Founder @Triggr
“Triggr is a SaaS platform that continuously monitors the public web“ - The platform collects data around hiring trends, role changes, technology installs, news mentions, and much more to alert HR teams and agencies of important information in real-time. Find out more: https://www.triggr.ai/
Tim Walmsley
Co-Founder & CEO @BenchOn
“The two-sided platform allows Independents to control their own profile and allocate it to the companies that they would like to work with.” - Independents can disconnect their profile from company at any time. This changes the circumstances of the Independents and places them in full control of their own careers. Find out more: https://www.benchon.com/
Nishal Mistri
Head of Sales @Curious Thing
Curious Thing won the 2019 awards with their brilliant interactive pitch. Hear how the people that voted for them (just like you!) gave them their strong start in the market. Find out more: https://www.curiousthing.io/