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A God Seminar Event. Cyborg Selves: Posthumanism and Transhumanism
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This is the academic session of the God Seminar. Some technical language will be in use. You are invited to review David Galston's Westar Blog (www.westarinstitute.org/blog) and to visit a review of Jeanine Thweatt-Bates' work online (traversingtradition.com/tag/jeanine-thweatt-bates)

This is a single, $15.00, event. The recording will be paused during the break.

Cyborg Selves: Theological Anthropology of the Posthuman
Presenter: Jeanine Thweatt-Bates
Respondent: John Caputo
Author of "Cyborg Selves" Jeanine Thweatt-Bates will summarize of her book and sketch out thoughts hinted at but undeveloped about the post-human and trans-human question. John Caputo and Petra Carlsson will provide critical feedback to lead the open discussion.

2:30 - 2:45 Break

The Human Future: Post-Humanism vs. Trans-Humanism
Presenters: Jeanine Thweatt-Bates and John Caputo
This session will pick up where Session One leaves off to draw the contours of what is at stake for human future in terms of post-humanism and trans-humanism. This session aims to come to a voting resolution that will guide future seminar work.

Dec 5, 2020 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Jennifer Thweatt-Bates
My professional and scholarly interests focus on religion and science, technology and biotechnology, gender and embodiment. I teach a wide range of religious and philosophical topics; write and publish on the intersection of posthumanism, transhumanism and theology; and practice as a DONA certified birth doula supporting women throughout their unique experience of pregnancy, labor and birth.
John Caputo
Hybrid Philosopher/Theologian, Westar Scholar
John D. Caputo is a hybrid philosopher/theologian who works in the area of radical theology. Prof. Caputo has spearheaded a notion he calls “weak theology,” by which he means a “poetics” of the “event” that is harbored in the name (of) God, or that “insists” in the name (of) “God,” a notion that depends upon a reworking of the notions of event in Derrida to theological ends. In his majors works he has argued that interpretation goes all the way down (Radical Hermeneutics, 1987), that Derrida is a thinker to be reckoned with by theology (The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida, 1997), that theology is best served by getting over its love affair with power and authority and embracing what Caputo calls, taking a phrase from St. Paul, The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event (2006), which won the American Academy of Religion award for excellence in the category of constructive theology.
Petra Carlsson
Petra Carlsson Redell is an Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Stockholm School of Theology, Sweden. She has published multiple times on religion, philosophy and art in journals such as Studia Theologica and The Oxford Journal of Literature & Theology, and in books including Mysticism as Revolt (2014) and Foucault, Art, and Radical Theology (2018).