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*CAPMR Everything you wanted to know about ulnar neuropathy but were afraid to ask – and more!”


Jun 11, 2021 11:32 AM

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Jeremy Bland
Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology @East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust, Canterbury UK
Dr Jeremy Bland qualified from Manchester University in 1981 and trained in clinical neurophysiology in the West Midlands before taking up a post as consultant in clinical neurophysiology at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in 1989. Since 1992 he has developed an interest in all aspects of the epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Since 2006 he has run a clinic dedicated to treating patients with carpal tunnel syndrome as part of a cooperative, multidisciplinary care pathway spanning primary and secondary care. He has also developed an interest in high resolution ultrasound imaging of peripheral nerve disease. He maintains a website devoted to carpal tunnel syndrome at www.carpal-tunnel.net which can provide a quantitative estimate of the probability of CTS in an individual patient with hand symptoms. He also has a wider interest in other entrapment neuropathies and their assessment using neurophysiological and ultrasound techniques.
Simon Podnar, MD, DSc
Medical director of Division of Neurology @Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology, Ljubljana University Medical Centre
Dr. Simon Podnar graduated at The University of Ljubljana Medical School in 1992, where he also received his Masters (1996), and Doctoral degrees (2002). Since 2001 he is a certified neurologist, and clinical neurophysiologist at The Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Currently he is a Medical director of Division of Neurology at the University Medical Center Ljubljana. He holds a title of Professor. He was a treasurer (1996-2004), and a president (2004-2011) of The Slovene Society of Clinical Neurophysiology. He co-authors more than 15 book chapters, and is the first or leading author of more than 90 papers in peer reviewed, SCI cited journals. He publishes papers on clinical neurophysiology, peripheral nerve ultrasonography, uroneurology and neuropathies. He was an invited speaker at neurological, clinical neurophysiological and urological meetings in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.
Dr. Larry Robinson
Professor and Chief of the division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) @University of Toronto
Dr. Larry Robinson serves as Professor and Chief of the division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at the University of Toronto. Dr. Robinson is based at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where he serves as Program Chief. He also holds the John and Sally Eaton Chair in Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Robinson has published extensively on rehabilitation and electrodiagnosis with >170 publications in the peer-reviewed literature. He is the developer of the combined sensory index (Robinson Index) for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome. He has also published key articles on traumatic neuropathy and prognosis of nerve injuries. In 2017 he received the lifetime achievement award from the American Association of Electrodiagnostic and Neuromuscular Medicine (AANEM). He is honored to serve as president of CAPMR.