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Disruption of the pharmacy market
Is Amazon – with Amazon Pharmacy – going to disrupt the pharmacy market? Amazon is known for disrupting businesses and has a long and very solid track record of doing so. The company started by disrupting the bookstore business and did it in record time. Then, the company expanded into other products and has significantly disrupted other retailers as it continued to grow. A few years ago, the company moved into the cloud and launched Amazon Web Services and disrupted the online cloud storage industry.

Back in 2018, Amazon acquired PillPack, an online prescription drug site, and it is now ready to use it to disrupt the pharmacy business. Amazon is giving Prime Members free delivery to help kickstart the business. This step makes perfect sense for the company and once again it will likely make a huge impact in the market. At the same time Amazon has started to use modern technology, as well as acquiring health companies in order to create a one-stop-shop for health and medicines.

How will this affect the patients, the current pharmacy model, the healthcare systems?

Furthermore, technology is reshaping the relationship between patients, healthcare providers, and the health system. Mobile will play a crucial role, as it has become the patient’s constant companion – which has been evident during the pandemic. By connecting patients and healthcare providers, treatments can be improved due to non-stop real-time gathered data. By providing access to such accurate information, healthcare providers are able to take immediate action if necessary. This will prevent conditions from worsening and therefore improve quality of life. The transformational change in the healthcare industry is thus only taking place because patients are empowered by using digital tools on every step of their journey.
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