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Michael Teaches Center Hand Opponent
Do you ever feel like you have opponents on your left, right, and center?

This course is designed to help us overcome the obstacle across the table.

Jan 8 - My Partner Preempted ME! - What Now?
How to handle partner's preempts with good hands.

Jan 15- Save Prayer for Temple, not Defense
See how you can control the defense rather than wait and cross your fingers for partner not to mess up.

Jan 22- Partner's Bad Opening Leads might be Your Fault
Getting your partner to stop making the wrong opening lead by making lead-directing calls in the auction.

Jan 29- Only Jesus can Save Partner?
Is it ever right to rescue partner from a bad spot?

Feb 5- Why is Partner Torturing me in this Auction?
What to do when an undiscussed auction arises.

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