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The Forgotten Foundation of Fundraising: The Art of Direct Mail and Integrated Fundraising
Direct mail remains a workhorse for fundraising organizations, serving as a primary way that nonprofits identify, engage, and solicit donors.

But direct mail only works if it’s smart and strategic—and, increasingly, integrated.

There are a lot of ways that direct mail can go well or poorly, but by creating a plan and tracking results, you can build a successful and growing direct response program. And today, the more integrated that program is — relying on digital and traditional strategies — the better off you are.

On Thursday, June 24 at 4:00 pm Eastern time, join Carmen Natschke and Mark Diggs, two veteran direct response experts, for a conversation about how to build a flourishing—and integrated—direct mail program.

How do I know what works for my organization? How often should I be mailing and emailing? What makes a direct mail package work? How do I create a plan for direct mail? How do I get started with digital communications? How do I "integrate" my fundraising efforts?

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Jun 24, 2021 04:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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