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The Power of Marketplaces: Ep 3 - Unbeatable marketplaces: What's the key?
The dust has settled (touch wood) on a turbulent 2021.

Agility has moved from interlacing to underpinning the ecommerce landscape, and as retailers look to continue the momentum, the question now is - what’s next for global online commerce?

Extending your isle, reaching new customers daily and sustaining incremental growth would be a good place to start. But how are retailers filtering through the online noise and activity to reach this pinnacle in marketplaces? Why are some having better results than others?

To find out, join the final part of our Power of Marketplaces Webinar Trilogy on Friday November 5 @ 11am-12pm for our virtual panel, Unbeatable marketplaces: what’s the key?, in partnership with Marketplacer.

You’ll hear from SurfStich MD Justin Hilberg, Marketplacer CTO Andy Kelk and Amblique Growth & Optimisation Lead Magalie Payet as they reveal the secrets to twist the lock on marketplaces. We’ll discuss:
-Nailing both mental and physical availability: balancing brand and exposure
-Scale at speed: driving growth and adapting to increased demand
-Integrating for impact: the ins and outs of marketplace onboarding and logistics

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Nov 5, 2021 11:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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