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Functional Android Development
This is a two-day intensive course led by Jorge Castillo.

In this course you will learn to write fully-fledged Android apps using the Functional Programing paradigm via Arrow, and compare it to other libraries like RxJava or KotlinX Coroutines.


- Previous experience with Kotlin and Android development.
- Previous experience with Android architectures like MVP, MVVM, MVI, unidirectional data flow, Redux or similar.

A detailed list of what you'll learn in this course is available at: https://www.47deg.com/trainings/Functional-Android-development/

Please make sure to review course terms of service: https://www.47deg.com/TOS/
Sep 29, 2020 12:00 AM
Sep 30, 2020 12:00 AM
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Jorge Castillo
Mobile Tech Lead @47 Degrees
Jorge Castillo is the Kotlin/Android tech lead at 47 Degrees. He comes from a heavily Android-oriented background, having also worked with Functional Programming more extensively during the later years. His professional work has always been focused on good practices and code quality. He’s been a speaker at international conferences, and contributes to different Open Source initiatives, having coded multiple libraries for both Android and Kotlin. Today, he’s part of the Arrow maintainers team and is helping to work on Arrow-Meta.