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The Art of Balance: Function and Posture in Wheelchair Seating Webinar
Balancing function and posture is a constant dilemma throughout the entire seating and positioning process. Deciding when to provide correction versus when to accommodate postural deformities is a difficult decision that requires weighing numerous factors with the client. For example, a seating and mobility system that prioritizes postural outcomes and does not allow a client to function to their optimal potential can gravely affect satisfaction, quality of life and well-being. Conversely, a system that prioritizes function and accommodation of all postural deformities can result in a decline in a client's physical health and posture which can eventually adversely affect functional performance in the long run.

Lindsay and Cheryl developed a visual model to illustrate the considerations clinicians should take when working with clients who use seating and mobility equipment. During this webinar several case examples will be used to show how to use the model. Creative practical strategies will also be provided in hopes to inspire your own clinical practice.

Aug 14, 2020 12:00 PM in Vancouver

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Lindsay Alford & Cheryl Hon
Occupational Therapists @Access Community Therapists
This webinar is presented by Lindsay Alford and Cheryl Hon, Occupational Therapists in British Columbia, Canada. While Cheryl began her practice in community-based pediatrics, and Lindsay began her practice in spinal cord injury, their practice now consists of primarily specialized wheelchair seating and mobility prescription for clients with a range of disabilities in the community and clinic setting. Both have presented numerous times on the topic of wheelchair seating and positioning and pressure injury prevention and management.