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Making Cash Reserves Work - FREE WEBINAR SERIES
Once you have started to build up surplus cash reserves in your company you have maybe found that money isn’t everything, and instead of having sleepless nights worrying about an overdraft you may be asking questions such as:

o Should I invest it?
o Should I put it in different banks to protect it?
o How much should I really keep as a reserve in the company?
o What are the key risks and challenges?
o How can I extract some if I need to without incurring excessive tax charges

These are all very valid questions and ones we get frequently from our clients. In this FREE webinar series, we will be answering these questions in detail and much more. Ensure you secure your space now!

Webinar 1 – The hidden risks and challenges of surplus cash - 14th December

In this event, we will cover:
o How much cash you should have?
o How much cash you should retain in the business for growth?
o What the risks are that your cash surplus is exposed to?
o The challenges created by excess cash reserves

Webinar 2 – Unlocking the opportunities of cash - 13th January

In this event, we will cover:
o How to prioritise different options on spending and investing - uncovering our 4-step process for business owners to help decide priorities
o The commercial view of cash and growth opportunities
o How to extract cash from your company tax efficiently for your personal needs
o The tax opportunities (and pitfalls) of surplus cash and options to resolve

* This booking is for the first webinar of the series. You will automatically be registered for the second webinar in the series, and you will receive a confirmation email in due course.

Dec 14, 2021 01:00 PM in London

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Jack Bennett
Accountant @Oldfield Advisory
Jack assists business owners to enable them to measure performance and build robust financial plans, ensuring future growth and prosperity. He joins Gerry in the tax consulting team bringing innovative ideas to the team!
Angus Brewer
Business & Tax Consultant @Oldfield Advisory
A firm believer in turning financial analysis into tangible actions, Angus is passionate about helping business owners maximise business performance. As well as leading a team, he spends most of his time delivering tax and business advice.