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How to optimize your Theory of Change?
We are pleased to welcome you to the All ABOUT IMPACT LEARNING webinar series. In this webinar series, we will discuss challenges and solutions for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Their biggest challenge, according to our research, is a long and expensive learning cycle.

1) They collect data from several sources that remain isolated
2) This disconnected data can not draw usable insights and help to make data-driven decisions.
3) An insufficient understanding of which tools to use to collect stakeholders' data
4) Using after-the-fact external evaluations by third parties
So, how can you optimize your impact learnings?
One of the ways is to shorten learning cycles and implement lessons from impact learning directly into ongoing projects for improving your intervention/product/services.

Join the Sopact team for a practical session on optimizing impact learning from multiple data sources using multiple data collections tools. This webinar will cover how you can use knowledge + technology to collect and derive meaningful information to get deep impact insight.

You'll learn how to:
1) Define and select actionable outcomes to measure
2) Use modern technology to connect data sources
3) Learn the gaps and collect missing data by asking the right questions
4) Get continuous feedback on your product and services
5) Increase stakeholder engagement
6) Reduce resource burden
7) Learn and communicate your impact effectively

See you all soon.

Oct 26, 2021 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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