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FCG WEBINAR: Realising a circular fashion system
Speaker/in: Jonna Haeggblom

The webinar will discuss the central role that design and systems thinking play for realising a circular fashion system. It will go through the ‘five steps to success’ for circularity in fashion - from choosing circular materials, using design strategies for material cyclability and for longevity, exploring innovative retails services to enable a reverse supply chain logistics and ensure recyclability at end-of-life. In addition, the Circular Design Software and circularity.ID that circular.fashion is developing, will be presented followed by a Q&A.

Das Webinar wird einen Präsentations- und aktiven Q&A-Bestandteil haben.
Sprache: English
Dauer: ca. 1,5h
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Jonna Haeggblom
Circular Design Strategy Lead @circular.fashion
Jonna Haeggblom, Circular Design Strategy Lead at circular.fashion works with brand collaborations on circular design and product development, as well as business development of the circularity.ID. By looking at functional and emotionally durable design and acknowledging the psychological lifespan of a garment as being a key element in the sustainability puzzle her main focus lies on design strategies for longevity.